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For military customers, Calian delivers when you cannot fail. 


We have deep experience working with military customers to deliver on any program need:

  • Collective high-readiness training
  • Individual immersive training
  • Cyber response training
  • Cybersecurity/RF emissions security
  • Defence manufacturing (including advanced materials)
  • Space systems
  • Counter-UAS systems



Equip | Prepare | Deliver

Calian provides products, services and solutions to meet any military program need. 



Custom and contract defence manufacturing


Immersive military training for individual and collective training


Health services for military personnel. Cybersecurity for defence networks

Inaugural ESG Report

At Calian, social responsibility is woven into the very fabric of our company. 

This report outlines our journey toward greater environmental, social, and governance (ESG) awareness and highlights the framework we've developed to ensure ESG practices are fully integrated into our business. 

We're committed to advancing our ESG initiatives and sharing our progress with our stakeholders.


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In an exclusive interview with CDR, Calian Group President & CEO Kevin Ford spoke about the four pillars of Calian and the commitment to being a valued defence partner

Calian provides military training solutions for any mission, anywhere, preparing military personnel and units for what they will face on operations. Through space, cyber and manufacturing solutions, Calian meets the high standards of military customers, delivering for no-fail missions.

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T4 ATC - by SimFront a Calian Company

Our products package years of development into purpose-built solutions for the defence software industry.  Customized, adaptive and continually enhanced through fast working partnerships, each product delivers a unique capability.

We can tell you about our products, but we would rather show you.

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Calian Service and Solution Partners


Calian is #25 on the Canadian Defence Review (CDR) Top 100 List for 2023

Calian is proud to rank 25th of the Canadian Defence Review top 100 defence companies of 2023 list. This achievement would not be possible without our dedicated team, and we remain committed to help the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian defence industry move forward with confidence.

Calian takes pride in being a Canadian company that is committed to supporting the CAF and the broader international defence community.


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Kevin De Snayer, On the Cutting Edge, Captain of Industry (Esprit de Corps)

When it comes to strategist roles in Canada’s defence industry, few can boast the kind of intellectual freedom that Calian Group’s Kevin De Snayer can. 
As the Ottawa-based services, solutions and technology’s Director of Technology Solutions and Critical Infrastructure, De Snayer is tasked with following and experimenting with emerging technologies that will be used by the Canadian intelligence community—quantum computing, cutting-edge espionage hardware and practical AI to name a few.
“Whether that’s something that’s new or been around for a while, I like to call them weak signals, things that are just starting to get into the industry,” he says.


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Calian Supports French Military Exercise: 12,000 Troops with NATO Participants

Calian began supporting the Exercise Orion series in September 2021, delivering a range of expertise, including exercise and project management; strategic and operational planning; civil/military affairs; land, air and intelligence specialists; and international organizations specialists. 

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Wargaming in Naples: Validation Event for Multi-Domain Operations in Urban Environments Concept

A simulation model called the "Expandable Wargaming Capability” was developed by the Calian consortium (SimFront, Cervus and Cordillera) under the guidance of ACT’s simulation specialists. ACT Joint Force Development’s Modelling and Simulation and Learning Technologies Branch facilitated the design and delivery of the model, depicting the environment within which the war game ran. 


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