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Maestro Exercise Development Environment (MaestroEDE®)

Organizations are continuing to seek value and efficiency in building and conducting their training. As training gets more complicated, traditional tools and processes become inefficient and labour intensive. MaestroEDE® provides enhanced training outcomes with fewer resources. MaestroEDE® is a web-based tool which provides efficiency, flexibility and control to exercise leaders and developers throughout the life cycle of an exercise. It can be run in a stand-alone isolated environment, on-premises or in a software as a service (SaaS) mode.

Calian is a world leader in the design, development and delivery of complex training and exercises for defence, security and public safety clients. Calian MaestroEDE® supports the exercise design, development and delivery process (E3D) for high fidelity, large scale, multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency exercises in preparation for: 


  • Military operational readiness
  • National disasters
  • Security training

Specific Training Service Features

  • MaestroEDE® is a second generation E3D tool with a proven legacy but designed for the future.
  • MaestroEDE® provides for a distributed, shared and collaborative work environment for planning and execution of training when users cannot gather together due to distance, time zones or environment such as the changing dynamics presented by COVID-19.
  • Complete control by exercise developers on content, from remote work sites.
  • All exercise documentation accessible and archived in one place.
  • Hosted on a scalable, secure and monitored cloud-based infrastructure. 
  • MaestroEDE® platform sits on a robust web API. This can be used to build purpose-built client interfaces or to create integrations with other software.
  • The tool was designed to support NATO and national E3D processes and caters to professional exercise designers who are responsible for developing, delivering and reporting on training.

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